What is Die Casting?

What Is Die Casting?

Die casting is an effective method of production for various parts and components. There are many different die cast methods; the most common are aluminum die casting and zinc die casting. These methods offer a variety of advantages.

Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting

Advantages of die casting include:

  • Variety: Die castings can be made in a nearly infinite combination of shapes, textures and sizes. This is true of both aluminum die casts and zinc die casts.
  • Speed: This method of production is very fast and features low cost of labor, when compared to other methods.
  • Durability: Due to the aluminum and zinc alloys used in production, die casts are typically much stronger than plastic-injection moldings.
  • Simplicity: Diecasts are visually appealing and feature simplified assembly. They can be altered with a number of crucial secondary operations.

Aluminum and zinc are, by far, the most popular alloys used in production. Zinc aluminum alloy is durable, tough and affordable. Going with the right die casting company can provide the solutions you need at an affordable cost.

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