Aluminum Die-Casting and Zinc Die-Casting

Aluminum Die-casting and Zinc Die-Casting

Dart Casting Inc. has aluminum and zinc die casting capability:

  • 13 die cast machines ranging in size from 400 tons to 1,000 tons.
  • Auto ladles
  • Auto spray
  • 13 totally independent die casting cells with breakdown/holding furnaces which allows us to run multiple alloys, simultaneous set-ups and 24 hour production with multiple alloys.
  • Visi-Trak® central monitoring system
  • Castings from 1 oz. to over 15 lbs.
  • Multiple alloys
  • Central lube system
  • Central cooling system
  • Standardized machines

Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Operation

Dart Casting, Inc. is fully equipped for aluminum and zinc die casting operations. We have 13 aluminum die casting and zinc die casting machines that range in from 400 to 1,000 tons.

Aluminum and zinc die casting operations start similarly, with molten alloys injected in to casting dies. This process is performed with the alloys maintained at a high pressure and controlled temperature.

Because of their high melting point, aluminum die castings are injected in cold chambers, as opposed to the hot chambers used for zinc die castings.

Dart Casting is equipped with hot chamber and cold chamber machines, adding versatility to our operations and allowing us to create aluminum and zinc castings that range from 1 oz. to over 20 pounds.

Dart Casting's operation features 13 completely independent die casting cells, each with breakdown and holding furnaces. This allows us to utilize multiple alloys, such as aluminum die casts and zinc die casts, simultaneous set ups and 24-hour production.

Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast Monitoring

We also use the Visi-Trak® central monitoring system to provide our customers with crucial information about their aluminum and zinc die castings.

Dart Casting, Inc. is a top destination for all castings, including aluminum and zinc die castings. Request more information about Dart Casting today: call (708) 388-4914 or contact us online.